The Beetle
When the summer months approach, so do beetles.
Fish The Beetle across and upstream, close to the
bank, in a dead drift manner. Let the fly continue
downstream while you mend line. If the water is
quiet, give The Beetle a small twitch every 10 foot or
so. I assure you that smallmouth will rise to The
Beetle. Tied in sizes 6-10.
Red Fox Comparadun
The Red Fox Comparadun is a dry fly that imitates a May
Fly that hatches on the South Branch. It is tied completely
from red fox hair trapped on the banks of the South
Branch. This fly works best when the smallies are sipping
from the surface during a May Fly hatch. It sets low in the
water which gives a better profile to the fish. Fish it dead
drift. Tied in size 12.
White Wulff
The White Wulff is probably the most productive dry fly on the
South Branch. Late summer evenings brings a hatch of large
white millers. When this happens, fish the White Wulff. Don't
worry about it staying on top of the water. I've had some of my
best success when it sinks( a little). Tied in size 10.
More Flies
The Moose
This is an excellent fly for both smallmouth and trout.
Moose hair is the primary hair used. 4X hook size 6.
Abbey's Delight
Streamers are very productive on the South Branch,
particularly in the fall. Abbey's Delight has caught her
share. Best results in pools and runs using a stripping
action. Vary the retrieve until you find the one that works
best. Retrieves vary on any given day. Tied on size 2/0
salmon hook.
Streamer X
Streamer X is another South Branch streamer. The wing is
made entirely of fox hair. Fox hair is very fine and when
wet lays close to the fly body. Size 8 on 6x hook.
Carl's Hopper
Grasshoppers during the months of September and October are
one of the favorite foods of the smallmouth bass. When the
hoppers are active during the afternoon and early evening
hours, give Carl's Hopper a try. Tied in sizes 6 & 8 on a 4X
The Stinger is heavely weighted and works well in faster water and
riffles. Tied on 3x hook in size 6-8.