South Branch Deceiver
When the smallies are feeding on shiners, which is almost
always, the South Branch Deceiver is THE fly. How can you
tell? The smallmouth will chase shiners and you can see
many of them break the surface and skip across the
surface. When this occurs, throw the South Branch
Deceiver a little upstream of the action, let it sink and
apply long steady strips. It's weighted and tied on a 1x hook
in size4.
Soft Hackle
The Soft Hackle is a fly which is always productive on the
South Branch. Fished subsurface in runs, pools or riffles
during any time of the year this fly brings results. Tied in
size 8.
Smallmouth Seeker
Smallmouth Seeker is one of a kind. The body or abdomen is
bear underfur. I have found that this unique material
attracts fish. When wet, bubbles form around each hair
which gives added life- like characteristics to the fly. The
orange collar also adds to the fly's attractiveness I fish the
Smallmouth Seeker almost anywhere but mostly before,in,
or just below riffles. Cast across and mend line upstream.
Let the fly swing to the end of the drift before retrieving.
The Worm
When the caterpillars are in the trees; cast The Worm
into the water. Not a real impressive looking fly, but the
smallies love them. Fish it close to the bank or under
overhanging trees. Tied on 2x hook in sizes 8 and 10.
More Flies
Zack's Favorite
Streamers are beautiful and fun to tie. Zack's Favorite also
fishes well on the South Branch. Size 4
Josh's Muddler Minnow
The South Branch Muddler is an all purpose fly. It imitates a
minnow or sculpin and can be fished in all water. It's weighted
and should be fished with a stripping retrieve. Tied on a 2X hook
in sizes 6-10