Sean's Secret
Sean's Secret has proven very productive in early spring.
It is fished under the surface with the water temperature
around 60 degrees. It represents a cranefly and is tied in
sizes 6-10 on a 3x hook.
South Branch Smallmouth Flies
Mud Hopper
Mud Hopper is one of the best dry flies for fishing
smallmouth on the South Branch. When they begin
hitting "on top", give this productive fly a try. Best
fished across and let it drift through the swing.
When the water is glassy, give it a twitch every 5-10
foot. Tied on a 2x hook in sizes 8 through 12.
South Branch Sculpin
The South Branch Sculpin is one of the favorite subsurface
flies on the South Branch. When all else fails, this is the "go
to" fly. I have fished many sculpin patterns and find this
one the best. It is weighted on a 6x hook. The body is good in
both cream and white colors. Fished through the swing with
quick twitching action will bring results. Tied in sizes 6 and 8.
More Flies
Tied and Photographed
Carl D. DeFazio
South Branch Woolly Bugger
Woolly Buggers are used extensively in fly fishing. They
come in many different colors but I have found this one
works best for catching smallmouth in the South Branch. It
is fished sub-surface and dead drift in faster water. It also
works well in pools if retrieved with short strips and pause
motion. Tied on a 3X hook size 8.
The Comet
The Comet is a deep diving streamer. Fish with stripping  
retrieve in pools or riffles. Size 8 short shank hook.
Smallmouth Humpy
The Smallmouth Humpey is a dry fly that will not sink.  When
smallmouth are taking on the surface try this fly. The color
acts as an attractor. I'm not sure why it works but I have had
times when they tore it up. Size 12 on a 1X long hook,
Winged Bugger
The Winged Bugger is a variation of the woolly bugger. It is
dudded with a new material called Ice Dub with a maroon rib,
purple marabou tail and a dark deer hair wing with a gold bead
head. Purple tails really work great on the South Branch and
the dear hair wing seems to turn the bass on. Tied on a 3X
hook in sizes 6-10.