I Went Fishing Today
Carl D. DeFazio
I went fishing today, it wasn't early I was able to sleep.
The drive to the river, it smelled so sweet.
I'm not sure whether the leaves or the dew, but the odor
was great.
The anticipation was there, the anticipation was great.
Life has been dragging me down a bit,
It's at times like this, that these lonesome visits make it
The river was flowing; The sound raced my heart,
I finally had a smile as I prepared to depart.
My flyrod in hand and my homemade flies,
I stared at the water with tears in my eyes.
What is this to such a strong man?
This river no doubt will help me stand.
I'm in the water now; I'm up to my waist,
I cast the fly to this forbidden place.
As the line grew taut, I lifted the tip,
The fight was on, I mustn't slip.
The fish was beautiful, the fish was bright,
At this moment, my worries took flight.
I stood near the grass, trees finally green,
Birds near the water, birds on the stream.
What a gift in my life to be standing here,
Not a worry or tugging, I said a prayer.
I continued to fish the rest of the day,
After every landing, I continued to pray.
All of a sudden as I looked around,
I felt a smile instead of a frown.
I'll be back to this river; I'll be all alone,
I'll be back to this river that is close to my home.
For it's healing powers, they continue on,
How lucky I am in this river close home.