A Young Man Named Jon
I want to introduce you to a young man named Jon
He was here for two weeks, now he is gone.
He came home from Iraq, that dangerous land
He gave us joy, now back to the sand.
He hugged his wife and two year old son
Those hugs were constant from daylight 'till dawn.
One of his joys was seeing green grass
We sent with him leaves so the feeling would last.
We spent a day in the river, it was Jon's request
He used my rod; he wore my fishing vest.
We went to "Blue Hole"; it's peacefulness he sought
He fished, he smiled, he sat on his rock.
He took several fish, the smallest is here
It didn't matter; Jon didn't seem to care.
The river wrapped around him, with her protecting hands
Jon just let her, you must understand.
I watched from a distance, as they became one
Jon stood silent, 'till the sun was near gone.
I think something happened between the river and him
I think something happened like the breath of the wind.
Jon looked at me and said he was ready to go
Not a word was spoken as the river continued to flow.
With the Grace of God, Jon will be OK
With the Grace of God, he'll return one day.
Jon made it home safely March 21, 2004
and again 2007 and again 2016