GOTC 2015
Meeting at the swimming hole. Colston Newton, Wade Caler, Doug Gilmore, Greg Holland
"Fish On" Colston
Colston's Fish
Greg Netting Colston's Fish
Brothers Brad & Tyler Gilmore
Brian Greer & wife Meagen
Meagen Greer. Quite a fisherwoman
Tony Delaney
Gene Langstron
Jim Nielson, Gene L. Robert Grieve
Jayne McQuade
John Roach
Keith Moore
Brian Greer
Michael from New Zealand
Son Tyler Gilmore getting dad ready to host OOPS ceremony. Tony Delany isn't quite sure
Tony & Doug
John Roach & Doug Gilmore
Keith & Tina Moore
MarkWendt :)
Mr. Cool- Brad Gilmore
Jim Nielson
Jim Nielson & Gene Langstron- They sill have each other's back..
Tyler Gilmore, John Stuemer, Robert Grieve
Greg Holland & Eric Bridge
Michael from New Zealand, Brian Greer, Colston Newton
50's Legend-Wade Caler
Doug, Colston, Jayne getting ready for OOPS ceremony
Brother Brad initiating Tyler into OOPS. Some say Tyler and I look like twins:)
Jim Nielson is now OOPSed
Meagen Greer was inducted twice into OOPS
Michael goes into OOPS
A glass was raised to those who have left us this past year. Fred Bridge & Ed Kelleher
Mark Wendt & Brad Gilmore
Preparing for the auction
Auctioneer Doug Gilmore & sometime assistant Wade Caler
PS: This picture was taken 3 hours into the auction :)
Leaving Meadow Lane. Very Fitting