South Branch Autumn
II think autumn is everyone's favorite time of the year.
After looking at this picture, I know it is mine. There is
a story that goes with the capture of this beautiful South
Branch scene, but first let's discuss fishing. Deep pools
are where the Smallmouth will be. As  winter
approaches, the Smallmouth seek out the deepest holes
or pools in the river to spend their time. For the past
month, prior to the leaves turning their brilliant colors,
the Smallmouth have been aggressively feeding as they
prepare for the frigid days ahead. Now they're heading
to their winter haunts. They can still be caught, but you
must fish deep and slow. Heavy nymph and sculpin
patterns are your best bet. These are the times I use the
Smallmouth Seeker, South Branch Sculpin and Hairy
Nymph ( recently added to fly page). Now back to the
This picture was taken in a more remote area of the
South Branch River. It's located in the Trough. (See
page, "The Trough") One doesn't drive to this area,
they walk or canoe. I chose to walk. This is probably my
favorite spot to fish or visit on the river. As you can see,
it's beautiful and peaceful. Eagle sightings are a sure
thing. It took me three trips to get this perfect shot. The
leaves weren't being cooperative. I wanted to get this
picture for a friend so I was patient. Each early morning
I visited, I was met by the sights, sounds and smells of
autumn. The river was quiet, the pungent smells, the
deer, turkey, crows and yes the eagles were waiting for
me each morning. Many shots and much editing gave
me what I wanted- a South Branch Autumn!
Photograph By: Carl D. DeFazio