Introduction to Fly Fisherman
As you might guess, Fly
Fisherman and Carl DeFazio are
one and the same. I was born in
West Virginia 7
1 years ago and
married my high school
sweetheart. Judy and I have lived
in Hampshire county for 40 years.
I'm a retired
forester from
NewPage Corp. and helped supply
wood to one of our Paper Mills at
Luke, Maryland. We now have
raised two daughters who have
families of their own.
My goal for this Web Page is to
provide you with information and
in the future,fly fishing gear, to
help you more fully enjoy the
great sport of fly fishing for
smallmouth bass. We may even
get into some fly tying and trout
fishing. The common thread or
backdrop to all of this is the
beautiful South Branch of the
Potomac River.
Fly Fisherman's Page will be a
monthly page to discuss anything
relating to the subject of flyfishing
on the South Branch. Examples
might be Bass Behavior, Stream
Biology, Insect Life, Stream
Conditions,  My Experiences,  Flies
That Work, Reading The Water,
River Personalities,  and much
more.I plan to
have guests visit this
page. My pal David will visit to
share his knowledge of the South
Branch and the Smallmouth Bass.
David is the most avid fisherman
that I have ever met. And quite a
story teller. I hope to have Gerald
Lewis, The State Fisheries Biologist,
share his vast knowledge on the
Smallmouth. Whatever we cover
here, I assure you that it will be
enjoyable and informative. All I ask
is visit often and enjoy.