Let's Take A Breath
Maybe there is no place for Let's Take A Breath on this web site and again, maybe there is. Once in a
while we all pause to take stock of who we are and what we are  doing here. We stop and take a look
around. We ponder deep thoughts and grasp for answers. We slow down and get in touch with our inner
thoughts. We are usually alone. We "take a breath".  Fly fishing has presented the perfect setting
for me to get in touch with myself and while
doing so move ever closer to a better
understanding. When I "take a breath", the
first thing that I sense is the beauty around
me. Beauty to me may not be beauty to you.
For me it's West Virginia.  Her mountains
and streams. Who can dispute their beauty? I
was photographing this river scene for the
page "Pools" when this woodduck came out
of the weeds with her young. The air was
hazy and the water had a quiet sheen. I took
the picture, lowered the camera and "took a
breath". The water around me to my waist,
the quiet water, the woodduck and her clutch
of young, being alone in such a place gave me
what we are all looking for, Peace. I had been
on a wonderful fishing trip to the Elk River and
Shavers Fork for a couple days. I deeply
enjoyed meeting new friends and catching some
fish. ( page: Don't Forget To Look Upstream)
Getting away had relaxed me and the work
world with all it's pressures were pushed to my
subconscious. I was better able to focus on
things around me. I was beginning to know
myself again. On my return, I passed this
beautiful mountain scene that I had passed
hundreds of times before. I turned around,
came back, and took this picture of the depths
of my home state's mountains. After taking the
picture, I "took a breath", glanced one more
time, then continued home.
Photographs by: Carl D. DeFazio